Thursday, May 6, 2010

friends and a hat trick...

i believe that having friends can make you a rich person.  when i blogged about my girls weekend earlier this week  i meant what i said.  on monday night m had her lacrosse team over for team dinner.  i watched and listened to the girls chatting endlessly about all the senior activities coming up.
they chatted about prom dates, boyfriends, break ups, colleges and graduation parties.  i quietly listened and wondered if they had any idea
how important sharing all of this is. some of these friendships might last a lifetime, some might last until the
last graduation cap is thrown.  in the end each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrived.

and the hat trick - congratulations m!!!!!


Anonymous said...

congrats to M, also she has a GREAT mother who I love dearly...... xoxo

Anonymous said...

i'll second that! especially the great mother part who i love and will always be my bff xxoo

Anonymous said...

Just like her Mom, many friends and a love to be with. Congrats Mic on the hat trick. Love Dad xo