Monday, August 23, 2010

another passage...

this past week i have been very melancholy. i guess it goes with the territory of preparing
my last little one to leave the nest. yup,  college is calling and in 2 short days we will make the
2 hour trip north.  it's not that it's far away. it's what it represents. being a parent is so bittersweet.
this summer we dismanteled the swing set.  it hadn't been used for years but i didn't have the
courage to get rid of it. getting rid of it meant my kids are old now... and i am too.  but that
swing set made me focus on the past instead of delighting in the present. the swing set doesn't
really help me remember my childrens childhood, those memories are embedded in my heart
forever.   it's always so hard to move on.  even when it's what you have planned for for the
past 18 years.   i am trying really hard to be brave...

love sent,


Moe said...

You and Tony gave her "deep roots and confident wings." I'm here for you cousin/sister! (Read my email.)Don't be brave, have a good cry, you'll feel better. Get out the chocolate and have Tony crush enough ice for the both of you. And keep the swingset for the grandchildren because you'll blink and another chapter of joy in the great adventure of life begins! Love you lots. God bless & hugs. XO

Anonymous said...

u know i am there in my heart, holding your hand..crying with you..but also listening to the excitement in your voice as the new chapter opens and the road is paved in new directions. I've cried some of those tears but i am overjoyed at the road ahead for all of us. This is the journey of a family, a village..because that is who helps raise our children...many wonderful people who shine down on us and with us and surround us with the support we need as we help our little birds jump from a higher ground to land on their own two feet. Mine is not my last, so not quite so bittersweet, but still an ache in your heart that only a mother can know...much love and support to you my best buddy xxoo