Monday, August 16, 2010


someday.   -  that's a dangerous word. it's really just a code word for 'never'.
                     -tom cruise in knight and day

i am obviously not the first individual to contemplate the meaning of this adverb. merriam-webster defines someday as at some future time. painfully vague, don't you think?
when i typed someday into google i found someday - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. the page lists 36 songs and 5 albums titled someday. this list doesn't even include john fogerty's someday never comes. his are the lyrics that really sting and inspire me to never use the word again.
i may move at a turtle's pace, but i don't stall. i  do make things happen. unfortunately, there are some things in my life that i've allowed myself to believe will happen someday. this isn't good. i'm thinking about these things today. some of my somedays are deeply personal and some are as simple as almond cake.

i think i will start with making the almond cake. :)

love sent, xo

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