Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a little reminder...

last night i watched the sun set - and today i watched it come up again

photo by haley kenyon
 life moves along.  fall is in the air.  sleep comes sparingly, lots on my mind.  is there ever peace?  a time when there is total peace? no worries, no cares, no fears?  i think not.  i've been hovering over my life like a helicopter, it takes a lot of work to keep my world spinning,   i want smallness when the world feels so big.  i know that with each door that closes another one opens.  i know that is true, i have lived it and i truly believe it.  but sometimes i get tired of coming up with a plan.  here on earth we will have many troubles and sorrows. sometimes i look around and i know mine are so minuscule compared to others, but sometimes i have no fight left.  sometimes i just want superpowers to make everything ok. it feels like i have had the sunnyside knocked out of me.  but tomorrow will be a new day with new possibilities and even when control drips through my hands like water, i try to remember to take a moment to breathe in and breathe out...

love sent, xo

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