Tuesday, September 27, 2011

where i am from...

i am from the inner city, from clanking radiators, lemon furniture polish and homemade sauce.
i am from a small house surrounded by gardens, apple trees and forts in the side yard.
i am from brothers and sisters and three to a room.  i am from from vanilla cream sodas at the pharmacy to
ham radios, and  homemade stereos.
i am from the nuns who threatened our lives and church every sunday.
i'm from the frugal, the long lived, the creative, the bossy, the kind and the struggling.
i'm from a world whose geography my children know better than i.
i am from long rides to the country and baseball seasons that went on forever.
from secret passwords to smoking in the woods and children who can fly if they try.
i'm from itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow pokadot bikinis to bathing caps at the country pond.
i'm from cracker jax with prizes inside and franks and beans on saturday nite.
from flickering super eight movies to the ed sullivan show.
i'm from family dinners and a mom who has a heart 40 times her size.
im from a bussling house with lots of friends and memories that never end.
the stories, the photos, the film reels, the love, it's all there.
a real family -  who could ask for more?

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