Tuesday, September 6, 2011

summer you have my heart...

even tho i am looking forward to fall, you still have my heart.  summer 2011 proved to be a good one.

and labor day weekend was steamy hot and humid.  we managed another road trip and it was fun and relaxing and productive.  we found lots of new restaurants, drinks, recipes and ideas to put on our master list of things to do/places to visit.
                                                            when tapas is better than dinner
and sunday morning coffee lasts for hours  

riverside hike..the damage from hurricane irene to the houses along  the river was much worse than we had expected... 
its hard to tell here because it was so peaceful on this morning.

just love this bakery
                                                                           and this inn

       and what pre-fall weekend would be complete without some warm, fresh from the oven,  cider donuts

just didn't get to see a real moose like i had hoped. maybe next time. i might have to take one of these 

love sent, xo

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