Wednesday, November 2, 2011

keep calm and carry on...

i found this simple project on line and thought of all my little friends who have toddlers who sometimes get a bit overwhelmed and need some calming.  this would be the perfect solution.  the more i thought about it the more i thought it could work for adults too.  i might just make one for myself.
(a mind jar is a meditation tool to use whenever a child feels stressed,overwhelmed or upset. imagine the glitter as your thoughts. when you shake the jar, imagine your head full of whirling thoughts, then watch them slowly settle while you calm down.

mix 1 tablespoon of pink glitter-glue with about 1 cup of hot water or more , then added pink food colouring and a tiny tub of glitter. pour it into a plastic jar.

the glue makes the water so thick and gooey that the glitter just slowly and gently swirls around, it takes about 5 minutes for all the glitter to settle, perfect to gather your thoughts!
shake whenever you need to destress.

                                            photo from miri at here we are together.

have a calming day . xo

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