Monday, November 7, 2011


 it's november the month to be thankful -  not sure what happened to october.  i know it started out so warm we had a picnic in the grass then 30 days later we ended up with a major blizzard.  heavy, wet, snow that damaged the trees in our yard. but that makes life exciting right?  just like hearing your favorite song on the radio or an unexpected note from a friend you haven't heard from in a while. unexpected things make it all worth while. aren’t you thankful for a nice warm house on a really cold day?  or a shady spot on a miserably hot day? the spot of shade would just be a spot of shade if it wasn’t for the unbearable heat. how about the way it feels to walk into a warm coffee shop when you’re christmas shopping during a blizzard? the coffee shop would just be a coffee shop without the blizzard to make you appreciate all that is great about it.
…and that’s how life is…it helps to make sense of things that aren’t so pleasant. without the bitterness, we would never, ever, know the sweet…we wouldn’t even know that there was such a thing…unless there were hard days, a hug would just be a hug…a smile would just be a smile…unless there was difficulty, a finish line would just be a ribbon across the road.  unless we had trials we would not be able to really, really, appreciate all the good.

embrace today and all it has to offer. 

love sent, xo

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