Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the view from here...

full moon 2012

after my dad died something shifted in me.  i'm still not sure how to put it into words.  but things changed.  even though we all know that each day is a gift.
 and we all know that everyones life comes to an end.  those life altering moments change who you are.
my dad was a big astronomy guy.  he loved it. he studied it, and could never get enough of it. he was
always looking through telescopes and reveled in the magic of all the stars and planets.  maybe being
a long time nasa emloyee and working in the background of the first walk on the moon fueled his passion.
whatever it was -  it was a passion.
last night while i was driving home i saw what appeared to be the biggest moon i have ever seen.
it peeked in and out of the trees as i drove along, as if to say hello.  it was the first full moon of
2012.  it's called the wolf moon.  i grabbed my camera when i got home but it appeared smaller by then
but it was still amazing in all it's beauty.  in all that splendor he was there, i know it. i could feel him in the distance.  it provided me with such peace and calm of heart.  it warmed me from the inside and reminded me he is still here in the simple reflection of the full moon.

i miss you. <3

love sent, xo

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Anonymous said...

WolF Moon= W--F M--- =WFM
Sometimes there just aren't any words but a certain sign, feeling or silence speaks volumes. It's all in the details, you just have to be heart connected which he knows you are and speaks to you because he knows you are a listener of hearts. He so loved your blogs (as I do and for some reason he had me log on today as I rarely do!) and for sure is still reading them-just from a different place, or should I say space? Orion, the moon and the stars chat w/him all the time! :-] Believe me, he knows and is smiling over all of us, I know it in my heart. The older we get, the more life shifts to alter things, so many (heartbreakers & soultakers) we may never have answers to or understand, but rest assured, there's a reason. There are a lot of great, happy things coming along, too, so keep the faith, bathing cap beauty! Love you! I miss him so much, too, Dee. IBTWYPDB XO