Tuesday, January 3, 2012

hi there...

happy new year.  make the little things a special occasion.  that is going to be my motto for 2012. how can it be 2012?  i am going to promise myself not to get caught up in the future - it happens regardless and if you worry about it to much it makes you miss the present.   i write here to capture some moments and feelings that would escape me otherwise.
i write most often at night while i should be sleeping.  but sometimes sleep escapes me.  sometimes i write in the early morning while sipping on warm vanilla coffee.   that is really my favorite time of day.
this is the time of year for new year's resolutions. do you make them?  do you break them?

i am not a resolution kind of girl.  i don't make them so i can't break them. 

a few years ago i made a new year's resolution to try more restaurants and honestly it
was the best resolution ever. i'm still doing it.

this year it will be along the same lines.   i decided to choose 12 things to work on for 2012 and i have the whole year to do it.

here goes:

1.    cook healthier meals.
2.    have more patience.
3.    be kind to strangers.
4.    have more dinner parties.
5.    take more walks.
6.    focus on the simple - less shopping -  less is more.
7.    blog better.
8.    buy more flowers.
9.    worry less.
10.  dream big.
11.  read more.
12.  embrace the moment.  everyday moments.

this is a new beginning -  again.  it's interesting,  beginnings and endings arrive unexpectedly.  i don't
have everything or anything figured out,  but then again who does...

love sent , xo

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