Sunday, January 29, 2012

what i am doing right now....

what inspires you?  i sit here going through hundreds of pinterest ideas, while my dh works diligently around the house on some mini projects i thought up today.
 we took a trip to ikea and bought a variety of random things to spruce up a variety of rooms. 
pinterest -  i love you for all the ideas i find. seriously,  you are so addicting.

i can't believe we are at the bottom of  january.  month one is already wrapping up. right now
sunday seems to be my most productive day.  today i cleaned the house, made a few calls,
paid a few bills, did some  photo edits, and cleared my  in box like lightening  delete. delete. delete.
today was sunny and bright and wonderful.  one of those days we won't soon forget.
a sort of  in between day.  it was productive and happy and memorable. after a long day of shopping we decided we needed to eat - which is always on the top of the agenda. after rambling through a whole list of restaurants, contemplating on staying home and cooking, toyed with the idea of riding to the beach,  we settled on a small local restaurant which worked out perfectly.
over a flickering candle we talked about the day. the food was great, conversation was good. i must say a great weekend it was.

simple. uneventful. real.

and remember no day ever ends if it makes a memory.

love sent, xo

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