Saturday, March 3, 2012


i want my day to feel like the first sips of hot coffee.
i want my next success to feel like swinging on a swing and almost touching the sky.
i want my body to feel like the first few beats of a favorite dance song.
i want smiling to feel like the first daffodil in spring.
i  want my friendships to feel like warm winter coats and cool summer breezes.
i want my nervous system to feel like warm sun on my face.
i want my neighborhood to feel like my best friend's hand in mine.
i  want my integrity to feel like the beating of a human heart.
i want my life to feel safe like snuggling under my favorite blanket.
i want kissing to feel like the first snow.
i want my challenges to feel like snowboarding for the first time.
i want my hugs to feel like all the worlds troubles will melt away.
i want my laughter to feel like ocean waves.
i want the end of the day to feel like a beautiful sunset.
i want my love to feel like standing at the base of mountains and at the peak of mountains.
i want my writing to feel like i mean it.
i want my ideas to feel like standing at the edge of the ocean.

love sent, xo

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