Monday, October 29, 2012

tides and seasons...

i am listening to hurricane sandy raging outside my window.  with every gust of wind i expect to lose power.  lots of people around us have already lost power.  i am thinking back to the weekend,  just one short day ago.  the glorious weekend, when the skies were sunny and the laughter was loud.  saturday was one of those days when everything feels so right.  the sky was so blue and the golden light filtered through the trees warming everything with an extra shot of gold.  this past weekend was girls weekend.  an annual event that reminds me of how lucky i am to have the friends i have.
i honestly believe that people are put in our lives that we are suppose to have relationships with.  we are meant to fall in love with them.  when we are young sometimes you can want your life to be filled with grandiosity.  then life happens and we realize what really matters.  friendship matters.   life is paved with ordinary days. when we all met i couldn't have imagined what would come next.  i didn't realize how much i would come to depend on you.  back then we were just baking pies for play group, getting through the day, swapping kid stories, hanging out at the pool club, changing diapers and makes plans.  no big deal.  at that time we were all new parents trying to find our way.  walking around blindly oblivious.  we needed some people in our corner.  we all shared so much of the same.  little did we know as time moved on we would celebrate more births,  attend pto meetings, go on field trips, teach CCD, cheer the kids on at the 4th of july road race, celebrate christmas teas, bad haircuts and every thing in between. we walked up hill together so much faster than we ever could have imagined.  then suddenly there were graduations and kids being kids and late night phone calls and aging parents, divorce and deaths.  now, weddings, more births, moves,  more of life to share with each other.   we are still needing each other, still depending on each other for support and reassurance that we can make it through whatever life might present us with.  we do know how lucky we are.  we just had no idea in the beginning where this friendship would lead us.
the irony is,  all those times together, all those ordinary days, all those times from brewing tea to passing wine back and forth made us the friends we are today. 

i hope that 20 years from now we are still arranging girls weekends.  i hope we are still sharing laughter, wiping up tears, celebrating milestones and jotting down recipes (if sue will give them to us)
and always, always,  cheering each other on. 

                                                                        love you guys....

                                                         we missed you Joan and Marie !!!!


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Anonymous said...

Lucky, so lucky.