Monday, October 8, 2012

weekend, repeat.

that's kind of what i would like to do.. 

not sure what happened to last week but it flew by.  here we are already in the
second week of october.  so far so good.  love, love this month. 
the weekend was amazing.  it started off on friday with an 75 degree day. 
seriously,  it was a gift.  just had to get out early and enjoy the day.
sitting at an outside restaurant on the water sipping a cocktail on a sunny friday
afternoon is the BEST way to start a weekend. 
hoping for a month of awesome.  so far we are on track.
friday dinner was fantastic with my favorite people...... i love a good restaurant and i can replay
the details over in my mind and enjoy it again  and again.

saturday we got to celebrate a milestone birthday with my bff.... love this girl to the moon and back.
you are such a strong woman, so brave, so kind, so positive.   you make me realize the immense value in paying attention to the details of every day.  making every day count.  xo  happy happy birthday my beautiful friend.  wishing you a million more.

sunday some cooler weather crept in.  the colors of the trees and the crispness in the air makes everything magic.  we took in some football and family love.  everyday moments that remind me how lucky
i am.

blogging freezes time and keeps these everyday moments from escaping. 

love sent, xo

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