Friday, October 12, 2012

disrupt your every day routine...

the day ahead is already pressing on.  the clock is ticking past 6:30 am.   there is one more
tap on the alarm for 5 more minutes sleep.  i remind myself it's friday and tomorrow i get
to move slower.  tomorrow i can prop myself up against the pillows and savour my coffee and
start the day much less rushed.  maybe even allow myself enough time to refuel a bit.
i want  to make myself  more aware and more reflective. today i want to be  some one who can stop and enjoy the moment.
not always rushing to the next appointment or meeting or event.  there will always
be emails to catch up on and bills to pay and laundry to finish.  so maybe today on this very
ordinary day i will force myself to take all the time i want to examine each hour and find
something meaningful in each minute.  i'm committing today to only love, kindness and friendship.
not to racing around and complaining.   my mind can go in a thousand directions but on this day i
plan to walk in peace.

love sent, xo

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