Monday, December 10, 2012

christmas is coming...

this summer while vacationing in maine we talked about possibly coming back for a christmas holiday weekend.   at that time christmas seemed so far away.  i am not the best plan aheader (love to make up words)  so deciding to do that even 4 months in advance seemed overwhelming.  we went back and forth and before we went home, we booked it.  boy am i glad we did.  it has already been a really special season for us and this added to the beauty. 
a dear friend of ours owns a bakery in this little maine town and we don't always get to see much of each other.  but, when we do it's as if  we were here yesterday.  this weekend we had the opportunity to catch up over coffee, reminisce of days gone by,  remember the love, remember the loss, revisit all the changes still  wondering how we ever survive some of the challenges that we face. but we do.   we laughed, we cried, we hugged and i knew that in that moment this is really what chritmas is all about.  this gift of friendship is what really matters, this gift of love.  these ordinary moments make my christmas complete.

i now have christmas music playing non stop.   i am holding on to the memory of walking around this small town admiring the lights, taking a trolley ride, gathering around the fire pit toasting marshmallows and feeling such peace.

                                                           the first real gift of christmas

                                                        mom arrives tonight.  more magic.

                                         here 's a peek at picturesque, beautiful, kennebunkport.



love, sent, xo


Anonymous said...

Very nice!! You have the best weekends!!! KT :)

Leonor said...

Your pictures are amazing!!! :)