Wednesday, December 12, 2012

on my list...

i've always believed your home should tell your story.  that pine table over there? i found it in a shop just outside mexico city.  the sun was beating down and i was a little hungry, but i saw it and i knew i wanted to look at it everyday. those cuff links? they belonged to somebody i loved, we picked them out on one of the most perfect days we ever spent together. that tortoise shell on the wall?  there was one exactly like it in my mother's house and i can't see it without thinking of a thousand inedible family dinners. each object tells a story and each story connects us to one another and the world. the truth is, things matter. they have to.  it's what we live with and touch each and every day.  they represent what we've seen, who we've loved, and where we hope to go.  they remind us of the good times, and the rough patches, and everything in between that makes us who we are.           (Nate Berkus)

                                                         and with that paragraph ... i fell in love.   

                                    nate has amazing style and he is,  most certainly,  fabulous eye candy.

this book is filled with inspiration,  you learn so much about nate's life, which is very interesting, yet he's really relatable. then, we learn about the lives of 12 other people through the decorating nate does in their homes. the book reminds us that the things we have in our homes should be things we love, not just for show.  like the people in the book, our homes should tell a little bit of a story about ourselves. 

definitely putting this on my "list"

love sent, xo

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Love, Love, him and you. See you Wednesday.