Saturday, December 15, 2012

sleep in heavenly peace...

like everyone, i am so saddened about the horrific events yesterday in newtown connecticut.   my heart is so broken for all the families.   i had such a pit in my stomach all day,  such evil is incomprehensible.  when i was at a particularly down time in my life i visited that town a couple of times, some family members were living there then.  it was christmas time and it was such a quiet, perfect little place to raise a family.  i have always remembered how kind the people that i met there were.  it's a struggle today to think  positively, to be brave and to look beyond the darkness. but it's the only thing that will get you through this helplessness.   hold your family a little closer, and tell the people you love how much you love them.

"Tragedy urges us to honor life by connecting even more deeply with each other- to locate our fiercest compassion, to do the soul-work required to endure unbearable grief in times of suffering. We can hold our families and communities close, share our vulnerable hearts, light the candles, sing the old songs, beat the drums, to raise the vibration of human consciousness and our potential for healing."~ Pixie Campbell

love sent, xo

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so very sad, xo