Wednesday, August 14, 2013

i love august

what better way to conclude a day at the beach than with a water edged dinner, sipping wine, and watching the sun set.  a perfect end to a beautiful summer weekend.

                                                             love these girls!  thanks kelley!

there is a shift in the air now. summer is threatening to come to an end and fall is just around the corner. i suddenly realize there is still so much i want to do.  i suddenly come face to face with how
comfortable these days have been.   how much nicer this summer has been than the past few.
how much lighter my work obligations have been (intentionally),  and how much sweeter life is when you count the moments, not the days.

some snaps from the weekend.  




love these two! 

 so sweet and smart
love love garden flowers

 secret hideaway
 sweet moments

special moments to treasure
 farm life
simple pleasures

blueberry pie with love written all over it

we all need more moments like these in our lives.  maybe escaping reality isn't the healthiest way to find peace and serenity but it's about balance.  balancing the pressures of every day life with what is in our hearts.  remember the lightness you felt as a child where there was nothing better than racing your bike down a hill and laughing until your stomach hurt.  don't ever lose that joy.   hope you found some time for fun this past weekend.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place your cousin has in Vermont. (pon)

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