Tuesday, September 24, 2013

late september...

it's early morning.

i close my eyes and wish for another hour of sleep.
there is a hot shower and coffee.
a chill in the air and a bed to be made.
a buzzing black berry and a chock- full in box.
a desire to just sit and watch the morning light on the grass.
there are your eyes and the safety they harbor.
the lifetime they speak.
a slow ride to work and a reminder of patience.
an unanswered phone call and a txt with some dinner plans.
thoughts of new ideas for the house and a vacation on the horizon.
may i remember today to say yes to laughter.
today is tuesday.  an ordinary day.
filled with everything and nothing.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

Love this and You.

Anonymous said...

So sweet. KT :)