Monday, October 7, 2013

walking under an autumn sky...

we headed out early on friday determined to make the weekend last as long as possible.

a beautiful fall weekend with no commitments.

just enough time to enjoy these early days of fall. enough time to take in all the beauty that the changing leaves provide.  the days sparkle and make my heart ache.  i know how much you loved this time of year.  it is so ironic that this would be the time of year you would leave this world.  these days won't last, as they never do,  and lucky this aching feeling won't last either. sometimes your absence from the world is so painful,   but there are so many wonderful memories and i know you watch over us.   i miss you dad.

after a beautiful dinner over looking the lake, we arrived at the house about nine.
the weekend was filled with memorable moments.  i sat on the deck wrapped in a blanket and felt the cool wind briskly blowing through the trees.  the early morning brought with it thick fog.. and cider donuts, many leaves already littering the entire driveway.  it was such a peaceful comforting view.  we had our first fire of the season and it smelled divine.
this house teaches me the secrets of how important it is to slow down and enjoy the peacefulness..
enjoy the ordinary days.

my dad's favorite tree

my favorite spot.

Ella winning second place in the scarecrow contest
(the fryeburg fair)  ---   love.

hope you had a wonderful weekend as well.

"these are our few life seasons.  let us live them as purely as we can, in the present".   anne dillard

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

You know who to enjoy life my friend. Pictures are beautiful. It's nice to get away from all the madness and enjoy each other and be a peace. Your Dad is always with you :-) Love you (pon)

Christine Caetano said...

thank you for these magnificent pictures! Your Dad was walking along beside you when you took these and while you were enjoying the trees he loved and all the wonderous color around you. LOVE YOU ~ C

Dee said...

thanks. love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures KT:)