Tuesday, April 22, 2014


i keep lists.  some in notebooks, some on scrap paper, some on old envelopes and some in my head.
there are lists of ingredients for recipes i want to make, list of books i want to read, lists of music i
want to hear.  it goes on and on.  lately i have been making lists of things i am grateful for. i,  of course read that it was a way to be reminded that we always have so much to be grateful for.

my list today was:

1. these early spring days that have been absolutely heavenly.
2.  whispering in bed before falling asleep.
3.  the kindness of my children.
4.  the pots on my windowsill filled with plants for our garden.
all of these things truly make me smile.

last years garden was such a success that i am really looking forward to having one again.  it brought me great pleasure to plant something, watch it grow, and then cook up something spectacular with what we have grown, it brings completeness.  stealing time away from a busy schedule to work in the garden brings peace.  my garden is simple,  it brings me joy. the most prolific vegetable last year was cucumbers.  we ate them by the dozens and they allowed me the joy of making many, many,  jars of pickles to share with my friends.  they will most definitely make it into the garden this year.
i have also now been gifted some blueberry and strawberry plants, we will see how the fruit goes.

the garden reminds me my pleasure of food goes way beyond the plate.

looking forward to another season...

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

My friend you are so awesome. Everything you do turns to gold. Loving your garden and your lists. I'll get to see your garden end of July. Love you

Anonymous said...

You are very inspiring. Thanks for being you.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for more delicious veggies from your garden. xo