Tuesday, April 29, 2014


i am not a big perfume changer.  i find something i love and i will wear it for years.  i read today that scent and memory are tied together.  i must say i certainly have always felt that way.
when i was a young girl  i wore a scent called sweet honesty.   i remember smelling it many years later and it brought me right back to my locker in high school.
this very week last year my husband and i were on vacation in italy.   while in venice i bought some perfume that i absolutely loved.  it is incredible to me how every time i spray it,  i can honestly close my eyes and feel like i am right back in that city, in that moment.  it has had a profound effect on me,  but that vacation itself had such a profound effect on me.  we had postponed that trip for years and while we were there i truly believe there was some divine intervention where all the stars lined up to make for the most incredible time of our life.  this morning when i sprayed that perfume it truly helped me relive all of the beautiful moments from
one year ago.

we are excited to be planning a new vacation where we will make new memories and i will remember to buy a scent i love that can be tied to new moments.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

Loved reading your blog this morning. It's so true how scents can bring you back. (pon)

Anonymous said...

I tie so many memories to certain fragrances that I purposely save 3/4 of every bottle.

Anonymous said...

My husband bought me perfume for a wedding gift and now I only wear it for special occasions. Every time I wear it I immediately feel butterflies like I did right before I walked down the aisle.