Monday, July 21, 2014

wherever you go...

the weekends just fly by.  we had a super fun laid back couple of days.  we have been on the run so much that it was nice to be "sort of" home -  meaning we actually slept in our own bed at the end of the day.
friday night we stayed local had dinner out side and had a great peaceful end of the week kind of evening.  lazy days of summer. 

this amazing watermelon salad prompted me to spend a good part of saturday making home made
ricotta.  a pretty simple process with pretty good results. sunday brought us to an amazing farmers market/ craft booths/ food truck extravaganza.  the food trucks were so awesome.  made me want to run out and start up a food business.  we bought some wonderful heirloom tomatoes and great basil, both of which will be added to the watermelon salad i intend to duplicate from the above photo with, of course, the home made ricotta.

the farmers market was great. so many things, there was something for everyone. all kinds of great vegetables, local honey, homemade marshmallows, beautiful flowers, salsas, fantastic breads.  if you live local you should totally go.  the farmers market/craft/ food truck event is  open every sunday through october 28th  located at 480 harrrison ave. boston. ma.

the craft area had some really fun and unusual items.  some of my favorites were.  these beautiful prints.

these recycled bottles that were made into vases. 

i wanted to try every single food truck.  we had to narrow it down to two choices but we will certainly be back.
first on the list was a bone daddys burger truck.  incredible.   we opted for a burger with prosciutto, mozzarella and pesto aioli.  i was sold at the first line. we got it with bacon dusted truffle fries that were to die for.

with our trip to france on the horizon we had to try this one.  the la tour eiffel by paris creperie.  a food truck serving up crepes. simply amazing. they serve up several savory crepe options including,  chicken and kale, apples & cheddar, lili’s love, and the mediterranean. they all looked wonderful, but i couldn’t resist the idea of trying the chicken with kale and poppy seed aioli,  it was fantastic.  i totally wanted to try  one of their sweet crepes but i just couldn't fit it in.  there was a butter and brown sugar crepe with strawberries, there was also a brie and apple crepe and a nutella crepe. bananas, strawberries, or blueberries could be added to the sweet crepes for additional $1 charge.

                                       clearly this event is very popular and i can see why.

                         also,  it was national ice cream day -  so we had to hit up this truck, which i totally
                                                loved that it looked like a chalk board!

          right next door there is a huge vintage market that was super crowded but had some really neat items.

hope you had a really fun weekend as well.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

Great photos. You guys always know how to have fun and enjoy life. Looking forward to seeing you both next week :-) (pon)

Anonymous said...

I love this, I can't wait to check it out.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anyone who has that much fun on the weekends!!! Like I've said before...I want to be you!!!! Hahaha...Can't wait to see you when my mom is here. KT :)