Wednesday, August 27, 2014

a beautiful sunset in august

i hope everyone has had a great august.  it has flown by here.  this summer the song i have listened to most often and it has kept me upbeat everyday listen here.  on a really great day it would  be blasting in my car.  "yes, i should have known that kind of feeling would last longer than that weekend."  i have had some amazing summer days, they involved lots of sunscreen, masses of fresh air, beach dinners, picnics, never rushing into the office, long evenings with a glass of wine.   i wouldn't trade this summer for anything.  this past weekend at the cape my camera battery died so i only had a few not so good phone pictures, but i have the memory and i will remember it for a long, long time.

there was incredible love.  feed the ones you love, the best "chowda" i have ever eaten and serve them aperol spritz, a drink that will bring them right back to those sunny days in venice.

then feed them again, and again. take long walks along the canal, share photos and memories. breathe in the feeling of fall, throw on a sweatshirt  and  keep warm around the firepit.  so many laughs. 
 i love you guys!!

thanks for the love. xo

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Anonymous said...

I want to be you for just a weekend.