Thursday, August 28, 2014

fall in love with your life...

the days are slowly beginning to shorten and the nights have begun whispering that summer
is starting to unwind.  i am hanging on to these final days of summer.  i am planning on starting the
long weekend early...      thanks to an awesome interim boss...

5 things to look forward to this holiday weekend.

#1.   coffee - yes every day,  but i love the lingering kind that the long weekend offers.

#2.  flowers.  this time of year they are spectacular.  surrounding yourself with them is sure to make you smile.

#3.  beaches and browns lobster pound.  can't be labor day without them.

#4.   family.  love eachother.  it's what makes it all worth while.
grampy and mikey quahogging.

#5.   bike rides and another picnic.

can we restart summer?
here's to sand and surf, salty air and seaside dreams.  maybe even oysters and champagne.  hope your late summer weekend is off to a fantastic start.

love sent, xo
#forever summer


Anonymous said...

have a fabulous weekend and dont forget your wine sticks! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Labor Day weekend my friend. Enjoy :-)

Dee said...

the wine sticks are always in use, maybe more than they should be. LOL xo

Anonymous said...

Hope it was an awesome one. xo

Christine Caetano said...

What a fabulous summer you have had. Thank you for sharing with us!