Tuesday, August 5, 2014

beach days...

is anyone else wondering how it can already be august?  yeah, we can't believe it either.
life has been really amazing lately. this has been our best summer in a long time.
life is full and the days are long.   the weather has been amazing.  we have gone to lots of places, caught up with lots of friends and in general,  just rocked it.  after a very long winter we are so, so,  grateful.  i am not giving up here tho, i am planning to continue riding this wave as long as possible.

we have so many memories from so many years at the beach. 
going to the beach is such a place to bond.  my family has spent so many hours just hanging out at the shore.  lots of things have changed in the past twenty years but one thing remains the same, 
we still want to be with the people we love and who love us back no matter what we actually do.

the little things have always made the biggest memories.

making pancakes in the morning
long walks along the shore
road races in newburyport
sleeping bags all over the beach house
watching wrestling with eddie
riding bikes everywhere with the cousins
shopping at market basket with elaine and donna (who seriously take longer to shop than anyone on the planet)
walking to the "rocks"
gathering buckets of crabs
rocking babies to sleep
tony's amazing sand castles
pizza parties
late night ice cream
beach days that never end
bike rides all the way to york
wine at sunset
endless friends in and out
movies on rainy days
the hampton theater every saturday
music and...  more music
eating fried food on the beach at sunset
kite flying contests
tubing and getting pounded by the waves.
the kids selling home made jewelry
paddle boarding
skee ball at hampton
beach bocce
taking up so much space at browns

hope you are having an amazing summer as well.

love sent, xoxo


Anonymous said...

I want to join your family!!!! KT :)

Anonymous said...

I remember all of these things and how we are passing them on to the next generation.