Tuesday, December 2, 2014

deck the halls...

indeed the season is upon us.

this season arrived with lightning speed. i think the snow last week accelerated the mood.
we got our tree over the weekend.  it is the first time we have ever gotten a tree before
december 1st.  everything about it was awesome.  the tractor ride, the snow, the sweet kids
the sound of the saw, the decision making process ( i always want a bigger tree than will fit
in the house) the beautiful fresh cut scent that still lingers in the car.
we truly had a wonderful weekend.  we have a tradition where we spend at least one day shopping going to lunch and just enjoying a free day together so we don't loose sight of all that is really important during all the hustle and bustle.  this time we had several days and it was really nice.

finish off the adventure with some european sipping chocolate - it  was fantastic.  (hint) you can buy some at trader joes it was better than my usual purchase at william sonoma.

we headed into boston on sunday (which was a really warm day) and had dinner in the north end
at a place where the line goes on for days and days.   this time because of the warm temperatures
we decided this was the time to wait in line.   it is a tiny place where the staff has most definitely
been there for years and years, it was like going to your grandmothers house for dinner.  while in line we got to talking to a guy that was just behind us.  he mentioned he was only here in boston over night.  after chatting a while he mentioned he was a pilot and was heading out in the morning.  he was such a nice guy and it was really nice talking to him,  it made the wait seem really short. it is amazing how a short conversation can remind you how many really nice people there are in this world.

yesterday on the way into work i heard one of my favorite christmas songs   i love this

it inspired me to remember to take time each day to pay attention -  so many small things are what really matter.  caring for each other is what really matters.
this season can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, but it truly is a beautiful time of year.  i think the key is to step back and give yourself a break and remember that everything doesn't have to be perfect.

love sent, xo

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Anonymous said...

Another fun filled weekend for you! KT:)