Wednesday, December 3, 2014

gift ideas /men

20 gift ideas for the men in your life.  i always find it incredibly difficult to shop for men.
they always say they don't need anything and they never seem to be forthcoming with ideas so i
came up with a short list.  hope it helps you out.

1.    so comfy west elm   
2.    so cozy old navy   
3.    hilarious and delicious 
4.    totally waterproof terrain
5.    i love this for the outdoorsy guy jcrew 
6.    because who doesn't love birch trees  terrain
7.    to keep in the car for a spontaneous picnic jcrew   
8.    so he can be stylin jcrew
9.    non stop crystal clear listening west elm 
10.  super soft hoodie jcrew
11.  brass bottle opener need supply company 
12.  leather flask  jcrew  
13.  alarm clock horne company
14.  perfect weekend bag west elm 
15.  for the campfire picnic west elm
16.  because you can never take enough pictures urban outfitters  
17.  for the boy scout terrain
18.  for the oldie but goodie urban outfitters 
19.  for the designer terrain
20.  boys will be boys urban outfitters

love sent, xo

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