Monday, December 29, 2014

the perfect place to be...

is in the moment.

as the year winds to a close i wanted to share just a few photos of some of the best ways i could imagine spending this month.. . with our families.
hope you enjoyed your holidays and you got to spend time with those you love most.

             just loved how everyone came together to help kerry and drew with their new home.
            i feel so blessed to have such kind caring people in my life and in my children's lives.

                                                                 celebrating move in day.

                            welcoming mom home enjoying a christmas show at the pops

       consuming endless amounts of hot chocolate with homemade peppermint marshmallows.
                    finding the edible peppermint spoons just made this drink totally christmas.

                   decorating the house for christmas always includes some christmas bedding

i really enjoyed cooking up some old fashioned christmas treats.  memories from long ago. one of my                                                               grandmothers specialties
our card that never went out.  i had good intentions there were just too many other things to do.

cozy fires every evening.

                the endless sushi at my works christmas party.  who ordered all this food anyway?

                     my favorite holiday girls only party, so glad my mom could make it this year

some of the best friends around. 

the family shot

pre christmas breakfast
 holiday lunches that ran into evenings.

                                            the girls hamming it up on christmas eve

posing for the 2015 calendar

the sweetest great grandchildren
the perfect gingerbread martini
some holiday treats.

      i love them so much!

these people that mean everything to me xo

hope your holidays were filled with love.

love sent, xoxo


Anonymous said...

OMG great pictures. So happy your mom was able to come home for Christmas. I missed all the fun. So happy for Kerry and Drew too. (pon) Miss u guys

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family Dee. So glad you have time off to enjoy everyone.

Anonymous said...

Love all your pictures!! Your Bed is amazing! You always have so much fun and you really know how to make Christmas fun and special...wish I was in your family haha!! KT:)