Friday, November 21, 2008

handmade holiday

I realized this past weekend that if I am going to be getting into this handmade holiday idea the time is NOW. As of today there are only
33 days left before Christmas. I have to admit I just scared myself when I counted that – wait, that can’t be right ….I have to check that again. um….
nope it’s right. I better get moving…….

Here to share with you is my number 1, not my number 1 as the in the “best” just as in the first idea… dutch kisses a.k.a. caramels. these are delicious - (don't tell your dentist - watch those fillings) you can wrap them up in brown paper bags with string or put them in fancy boxes, or in little chinese food containers… oh so cute….

and the recipe for your weekend entertainment is:

Dutch Kisses
1 pkg lg marshmallows
1 cup sugar
1 pt whipping cream
¾ white karo syrup
Cut marshmallows in ½, place sticky side up on wax paper and let dry out (I usually cut them in the morning before I leave for work and they’re ready to dip when I get home). You want to make sure that they dry out well.
Mix whipping cream, sugar and karo in large bowl (microwave safe). Cook on high 21-25 minutes depending on how powerful your microwave is. I start checking the caramel at about 21 minutes – what you’re looking for is the caramel to slowly drip forming a tear drop like figure – if it’s too runny – it’s not ready!
Butter a cookie sheet – dip marshmallow in caramel and place on cookie sheet (the caramel should slowly drip down the side of the marshmallow and making only a small puddle on cookie sheet. When you’ve finished dipping the marshmallows, go back and flip them all (this will allow the caramel to stick to the marshmallow as it’s drying). Once they’re dry wrap them, individually in wax paper (twisting the paper closed at each end). enjoy!

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