Friday, November 28, 2008

So grateful...

I have an amazing family, one that is filled with lots of love and caring for eachother.

I am so grateful for it all, so much to be thankful for. We are deep in tradition and food is always the main focus so you can imagine the food on Thanksgiving ... yes there was a lot !

We had lots to share, happy to see you's, we found out it's a boy, congrats on a marriage, a new job coming in a new state, old roomates, blockus games, searching for oprah's new christmas gifts on the internet, football games, safe flights (even if you did spend the day at the airport eating a cheeseburger instead of turkey). We even threw in a little oven fire for excitement .. yup that's right (this will be talked about for many, many, years to come) you will be happy to know the turkey was saved.... next year there will be no triple basting for extra juiciness even if you did see it on t.v.

my darling husband loves food and is not about to stop eating because of a little smoke.. he just happened to have this in his car. This man is an eagle scout and his motto is "be prepared"

my sister on the right is the one with the triple basting turkey skills.

Thanks Elaine for such a wonderful fun filled day.

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Anonymous said...

A new twist on those "CORONA" commercials?