Monday, July 13, 2009

busy busy weekend...

wow it's hard to believe it's already monday. last friday seems forever ago, not sure what makes it seem that way :) weekend was really nice had a great visit with - as j calls it "my oldest friend" she and her hubby bought a beautiful new place on the cape which is in the perfect location. so, so relaxing. the weather was the best its been so far this summer. we had lots of catching up to do, soul searching, lots of laughs, great food....long walks on the beach, lots of hidden trails all around her house that make for total relaxation. this beach is gorgeous, the water looks like that on an island.

the view on the boardwalk over the marsh was so beautiful.

this guy wasn't kidding when he said these quahogs were the best on the cape. if you go to yarmouthport don't miss him. he has a story to tell that is captivating.
one of my favorite shots....
this guy had the bluest eyes.

i could hang out all day here drinking coffee.

the color of the hydrangeas on the cape is amazing

thanks jan !!

and of course the food.....

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