Monday, July 27, 2009

it's monday already...

just when i feel that summer is slowly creeping to an end, when i feel the dreadful melancholy of winter i remember that august is still to come, with its languid days and burning sun. i am hoping for lots of sunny beach days in august - only time will tell. this weekend i enjoyed some

major beach time with two sweet little moms to be.

we shared lots of stories, got lots of hugs.

ate blueberry pancakes, shared walks on the beach, drank ice cold drinks,watched the fishermen pull in some mighty big fish, ate fried food from ceals, fireworks, phone calls where love was shared,watched the tour de france, painted with brand new water colors,
and then the painting of noses, reading of stories enjoyed the magic only a two year old can bring. hope your weekend was filled with love.

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