Friday, July 17, 2009

it's finally hot and sunny....

and it's friday everyone loves fridays… traffic is light .. the mood is light.. everyone is looking forward to the weekend. my hair doesn’t like this weather but i do. we are heading up to vermont for a quick overnight to retrieve m from her little visit to by far, her most favorite place on earth. for several years the owners of this farm have hosted a camp. sort of a boot camp (if i may) - where kids come and do chores and follow rules, and get up early, manage the garbage bowl, watch their manners and pray before meals. a place you say what kid wants to do that? and they crave it, they look forward to every second they are there, they miss it when they leave, and they can't wait to return. this most recent visit was a mini reunion before the oldest of this group heads off to college (which in itself is so hard to believe) i can just imagine the stories m will have when we greet her later today. we all have incredible memories from this farm and now m has piled up a catalog of her own. it’s a place where you can listen to the silence, sleep under the stars, watch the firefly's dance around for hours, a place where the grass seems greener, the air is cleaner, - you can leave your worries behind. so much has transpired here over the years. there are layers upon layers of meaning - for generations we have pondered all the topics of modern day living.
down at the sugar house where so many years of maple syruping have been accomplished inside that small structure so many meals were consumed while p stayed up all hours of the night making that “gold”. i can still taste the maple syrup as it spilled right out of the spout onto the ice cream we just made by kicking a can around for hours.
i never get tired of reading all the love and caring thoughts that are written all over the wooden walls inside that shack.
where i ask can you get memories like this? the farm is changing hands, but luckily it's just moving on to a new generation where many new memories will be constructed.
while there may not be cows and pigs roaming around - all the memories that live there will remain.
very soon… inside that farmhouse a brand new little baby will be chirping from her caged crib down the hall. she will hear all the stories of days gone by .. and she will become part of the next generation of campers because you just know the torch has been passed and this camp can never end.

some previous residents of the farm.

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