Monday, October 19, 2009

good good times....

how about we just hold hands and we’ll all walk together. and we’ll take each day one step at a time. and we’ll try not to worry about tomorrow. because tomorrow’s too far away. but we’ll enjoy the moment we’re in. because right now we don’t want to be anywhere else but walking together. we can give each other strength - your hand in mine is a beautiful thing.

my bff's got together for a quick overnight to celebrate the moment. we gathered together where we usually take the famous bike ride. but there were no bikes rides there were walks along the ocean and memories of the summer just past - the beach is so silent at this time of year on a dark sunday. we spent lots of time catching up, shopping, movies, pchycotherapy sessions and love... we played, fought, and slept hard we reminded ourselves to check the short list.
1. slow down. 2. enjoy.

i love you guys......
thanks, christine. xoxo

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