Thursday, April 15, 2010

dream day...

a few days ago i wondered what an ideal day would include. since then i have been thinking about it quite a bit (probably too much entirely). for now, this is what i conclude:

i'd wakeup in a white fluffy bed.
birds would be singing and a soft warm light would sneak past the curtains
letting in a warm breeze.
i'd take a long relaxing shower and my hair would look wonderful.
a dreamy dress would be waiting for me in my wardrobe (and it would fit perfectly)
downstairs the house would be entirely picked up.
for breakfast i'd have a vanilla coffee with a warm scone.
out to the mailbox i'd go to find a letter waiting to be read (maybe even a package)
after that i'd go out to the garden and cut beautiful flowers to place all around he house.
i would to to the market (preferably outside) and buy all the freshest
seasonal produce and whip up an amazing lunch.
friends would come over and sit on the deck.
we would lunch lounging on the deck in the sun,and i would photograph them all.
they would leave and i would return inside to write (preferably while sitting in a window seat)
maybe i would go shopping for a while and purchase a scented candle for
the bathroom, maybe even one for the family room so it doesn't feel left out.
evening would come, i would enjoy a nice dinner with wine. (maybe smokehouse steak with balsamic onions).
then we'd ride our bikes down country roads to the old tree on top the hill.
friends would be there and we would drink wine on a quilt and look at the stars and dream.
love sent, xo

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