Monday, April 19, 2010

tulips and sunshine...

one thing that i love, love, love about having visitors is breakfast.  mom, dad, lynne,  don't you want to visit??  please?  i think that breakfast is one of the nicest ways to make someone feel welcome in your home.
i'm thinking a go-to menu would help with that. and in an attempt to lure more of you to visit me, i'll share a sample menu with you. i'll plan for, shall we say, a week?  you an stay longer if you would like. 

day 1: cinnamon rolls. nothing says welcome like a giant cinnamon roll covered in sugary frosting.

day 2: waffles. even heart shaped.  i would try to make them extra special for guests by including whipped cream and in-season fruit.

day 3:   eggs, hashbrowns, keilbasa and toast. this is one of my favorite breakfasts to order when i  go to rosie's diner. traditional, unpretentious, and hearty enough to get you through an entire breakfast/lunch shift. eggs are cooked to order of course.

day 4: orange scones maybe a little homemade jam on the side.

day 5: eggs benedict. with hollandaise sauce,  of course. i really don't think there is anything else to say.

day 6: pancakes. maybe even whole wheat,  i  can use a variation of this recipe sweetened with a tablespoon of honey.  just gotta add something to the whole wheat. (hey i am trying)

day 7: breakfast burritos. delicious, simple, and easy to carry if you're in a hurry to get to the airport.

of course i would reserve the right to declare any day a Rosie's  day and demand that everybody load up in the car to enjoy a rich diner breakfast with 50's music and all.

love sent,  xo


Anonymous said...

i'll come soon i promise xxxoo

Anonymous said...

Who could resist a week of pampering! I'll be there.. xo

Anonymous said...

I would come but you wouldn't want me to leave....