Friday, April 9, 2010

hello friday...

time to do some mental house-keeping.

exercise has never really been my thing.  patti insisits that yoga gives you heart-thumping, liberating, acrobatic, and introspective all at once, this package sounds inviting...i might have to think about it.
think. about. it.

my body is calling out for some cardio–and my soul is begging for peace. i enjoy my alone time, i like listening to music, and am inspired to introduce another healthy habit into my life. i need balance. so what if i have floppy arms? so what if my down dog makes me look like i am bent in the wrong direction. look,  i am really thinking about this. that's probably where it will end.

i'm restless lately, and so very un-peaceful. i still feel like something is lurking around the next corner like a steam-roller who's operator did not look before rolling. absolutely nothing feels right. even my own skin these days. i toss and turn and just can't get comfortable. i feel inspired and motivated on the inside, yet i can't seem to make anything happen on the outside. i'm mismatched, and wrinkled.   i'm not sad, but i'm not happy. i'm 150% impossibly impossible.

the only thing i can come up with is that i'm stuck. very stuck. i'm stuck in a spot, and i have no direction. i need  hope that a direction is going to make itself clear to me.  maybe my soul is too fidgety for such a predicament as this.

big sigh.  xo


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am here, I always have been...maybe I am your direction after all.....xoxo

Anonymous said...

oh friend..what heartfelt feelings you have put into words. wish i had the answers that only you can find ...i hope that a door is opened soon for you that will lead you in the direction you are looking always here and thinking of you

Anonymous said...

Dee, My arms and being are always here to hug you and comfort you no matter your ordeal. I can feel the weight of your words bearing down. I care deeply of your feelings and wish to lift you from the mire. I know eventually you will find direction to untangle these not so pleasant feelings. Trust me. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I am here! I always have and always will Love You. T. xxoo