Thursday, June 17, 2010

dear starbucks grande vanilla latte,

thank you for the temporary gratification you give me. i promise to forgive you for the extra poundage i've put on during our time together  with me secretly drinking you nearly every day for a couple of months.

i think now, for the both us, it's best if we spent some time apart for a while. it's not you... it's me.

i won't forget you and the fond memories we made. i'll always have that cellulite on the back of my thighs to remind me of your sinful deliciousness. i'll make sure to think of you from time to time and when the timing is right -  perhaps i'll bring you home with me again and we can relive some of those memories. you know, for old times sake.

me   xo


Anonymous said...

If we are apart, I will miss the daily taste of your lips and the warmth of your touch. I will entice you with my deliciousness til you return.
Star Buck xo

Anonymous said...

Life is short...VIVA LA LATTE!!!


cathycan said...

Have you tried the new Frappes from McDonald's? They're pretty good but 650 calories!! Didn't seem THAT good!