Friday, June 25, 2010

it's summer...

and  everyday, is pretty much an ice cream day...

i like that there's summer vacations

and trips to the beach...

days that will have me dip my toes in the salty sea.

and roast marshmallows on a crackling fire.

 pick berries straight from the vine.

days that will have me spend evenings outside

riding bikes.

telling jokes among friends.

eating lobsters and steamers.

go to the market in the early morning

days i spend on patios for lunch.

drink coronas with limes on the deck.

days that will remind me for sure,
that summer is here.

i love summer.

love sent. xo


Anonymous said...

Recently moved to KY, & it's been sweltering muggy here so far this Summer, but I'm learning to enjoy the wonderful clear sky & the bees & the birds & the flowers &--everything about Summer, because every day is a new one :-)

Wife, Mother, Catholic, Life said...

We recently moved to KY, & it's been muggy & sweltering hot many of the days so far..but I'm really learning to enjoy everything about Summer this yr--bees, birds, wonderful sky, the scents & sights--because every day is a new one! (sorry if I double posted--forgot to add my ID to my last comment!)