Friday, June 4, 2010

is it really friday??

its been crazy around here. with all the end of the school year hoopla that's been going on i don't seem to have an extra minute. each day/night there has been something going on. and then of course i decide to throw in some home improvement projects, dinners, bike rides,  etc. it was a week filled with mini moments of joy.  some days i wonder if balance is something that has to be achieved, or is it experienced ever so briefly whenever i find pure joy in the little details and ordinary moments that collectively provide a glimpse of what a fulfilling, imperfect, authentic and happy life truly is. this week has been filled with chaos, fun, fights, laughter, tears, but hey that's what life is all about right?  i think emotions run high at this point.  m has had an extraordinary 4 years at CHS , she has made so many amazing friends and they have shared so much. they are happy and sad as they all head off in a short time to their new beginnings. on wednesday evening she headed out to the prom  all dressed up in her gown and curls  ( a site not often seen with her) she is a casual, sports 90% of the time kind of girl. the weather was spectacular, they all looked beautiful and they had an "awesome" time.  it was an evening filled with  lots of memories, ones they will hold on to forever.
this coming week, i plan to s-l-o-w down and not worry about what is next on the agenda. i am going to focus on enjoying and breathing in the moment. did i say that?  graduation tomorrow.. sniff sniff.

senior breakfast.     

wishing all of you special moments in your own very busy and hurried lives.   xoxo

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She is a beauty.