Wednesday, July 28, 2010

savoring summer.... 10 things...

1.    hope you are taking advantage of the nice weather, it won't last forever. devour your days. head out to the lake, or the beach, or the park.  sit out on your deck and drink "moe"hitos all night long.... thanks, moe

2. open a good book. find one that makes you want to keep the lights on a little longer at night. read it in a hammock.

3.     open the windows at night and listen to the crickets.

4.     sip homemade lemonade from an icy glass..

5.      get up early and walk around your neighborhood. you'll be surprised at what you will see.

6. pack a picnic.  we all talk about the value of nature, peace, and simple living. funny how sometimes we put every obstacle in our way to prevent this living. but it's always there for us......and i find i need these elements to literally breathe......

7.     don't forget to ride your bike.

8.   and don't forget to pack your sunscreen. 

9.    write down all of your summer 2010 memories....  you will be glad you did. 

10. Make your summer of 2010 a real T.E.N.

love sent,  xo

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