Friday, July 2, 2010

yes anything....

"i think that there is no truer place than an island.
whether it's a sandbar or a bubble-up of volcanic rock or a jut of tropical coral, an island stands only by some whim of fate, given a chancy foothold among the chaos. an island often makes you change your sense of perspective, your mind and your direction too. with the tide coming in over the castles you build, the currents sweeping you places you didn't plan on going, the mists rolling in mysteriously over what you thought was clear.   when i go to an island, i know that i'm in that state of grace in which anything can happen."

love sent, xxoo


Anonymous said...

I love that picture...can I get a copy for my beach house? haha come visit me much fun! xo

Anonymous said...

And when the waves knock your castle down, get out the shovel and pail and build a better castle