Wednesday, September 22, 2010

we are all fragile...

blurry sometimes...
i know what a heart is. 
it is the muscular rhythm,  an organ that keeps us here. 
but it has a back part to it.
a part behind the chambers that holds our passion and our pain.
why else would it hurt so much inside there?
some day i will surely recall this day in my life.
the people in it.
the conversations.
the tears.
the hope.
the fear.
the surroundings, the words.
the pain.
all scenes of today.
i listen but i am safe where you can't see my tears.
i want life to slow down a bit
to that place where we can forget
maybe all we need to do is to meet in the middle of impossibility.
i wish you  would have known me before i lost all my invincible skin and before i had kids. i hope that all my old friends can still squint there eyes and see me unafraid and charging at life. those days are really far away sometimes. days when not much would shake me or get me down. days when problems were like math- not real. days when i knew exactly who i wasn't. days when i would spend  the whole day writing one perfect poem. days when i really didn't care what others thought, like at all, i keep writing affirmations on my blog but they are not working.

love sent,


Anonymous said...

i don't need to see you to see your tears...we feel the pain of the ones we love too...wishing you a much better day...and as you would sent xxoo

Anonymous said...

you are not alone..we are all ever changing and emerging..some days we are stronger than others...some harder than others..miss you more than you know xxoo

Anonymous said...

from my heart to yours!

Anonymous said...

The joy of love is great, but the pain of love can be excruciating. Experiencing both is when we really know love(or do we?). Good days, bad days, confusing days with no concrete answers. I'll hold you in my heart and give you the joy of love and hopefully lessen the pain. xo

Anonymous said...

Love...Respect, humor, knowing the other's in your life have your back..that is love, parents, children, sisters, brothers, grandchildren family and friends. That is what Love is, think about the people in your life that do just that. While we never want to face the goodbyes I would imagine when the time comes it is all of these people in our lives that we think about. The family unit is what love is and Dee you have been blessed with the best. Your parents are so proud of all of you just as you and Tony are so proud of your children, nieces, nephews, and when the time comes grandchildren. The circle of Life, that is love...Thinking of you during these trying times xoxo

Michaelaaaaa said...

why havent you blogged in so longgg