Friday, September 17, 2010


today someone told me yesterday was 100 days until christmas.. ugh.. i mean i love christmas but come on summer is not even over yet.  who is thinking about christmas ?  surely not me.
in any case, yesterday was a rough day.  life will always come with check points and yesterday -  well
yesterday was a major check point day. the whole day was filled with them. times that make us
stop and re-evaluate - everything. i wish i could contain my worried energy so i can have more
positive energy to move me along.
in my head i travel through hundreds of miles of convoluted mazes of complexity and land on epiphany's every single day. but to the passersby, i simply look like i'm walking to my car.
today i am wishing you drifting dreams in clearwater streams, one last bowl of golden watermelon and a nap beneath the summer stars…because even tho it doesn't feel like it, summer is still here and i am hanging on to every last second.
love sent,

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Anonymous said...

I am too. Really don't want it to end. (As long as the sun shines it can be summer)