Monday, October 17, 2011

remember to do nothing...

well, i don't really mean nothing...  i mean avoid anything that has to do with work, or stress, etc..  weekends should be for that.  i think i ate myself through the weekend.   but there are just so many restaurants i need to try and so much food i need to sample... everyone that knows me knows that food is a big deal. i love to cook it, i love to eat it, i love to photograph it.  so, a lot of my free time is involved in those three  things.  saturday morning i decided to make some pumpkin pull apart bread with buttery vanilla glaze.   cinammony, pumpkiny,  heaven.  and  your house will smell amazing.    find the recipe here

after a busy day saturday and being close enough to the peterborough, n.h.  area ... we had to go back to
this restaurant  the web site is lame compared to the place.
a guy at work had told me about it. of all the restaurants i have gone to (and there are a lot) this has to be in the top five, without a doubt.  it is a hidden gem. if you find yourself in the peterborough nh area - try it, you will be glad you did.  of course, minus the red wine bath i got from the poor gentleman seated next to me whose wine went into the air and all over me.  you know it's funny how things happen and he turned out to be the sweetest guy ever.  i felt so bad that he was so upset.  paths cross, people meet, sometimes things fall into your lap, sometimes things fall apart, sometimes things fall together. fall. fall. fall. 

this was my dinner. chiliean crusted swordfish, truly amazing.

and you might have to try dessert.

apple cinnamon creme brulee with caramel apple slices.

the menu changes often.

love sent, xo

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