Sunday, October 2, 2011

some of my favorite things...

1.     seriously go to sallys and buy this product.  proclaim professional spray on glosser.  i put it in my hair every day it has a yummy vanilla scent, it makes my day start off right.
2.     the best coffee maker ever- go to walmart and get one.  program your coffee so you wake up to the fresh coffee smell = heaven.
3.     go buy this issue of martha stewart magazine, it has some great ideas and recipes for this wonderful season.
4.     while you are at walmart buying the coffee maker which is really inexpensive,  pick up a composition notebook and some new sharpie pens, they are smooth writing,  no bleed through...
write down all your secret thoughts. write a letter to the one you love.  there are many things that can change a life, a letter is one of them. they are "new"
5.     always a favorite of mine.
6.     my new favorite bra.  it's beautiful and feels so comfortable. VS does it again. buy one here.
7.     daisy - my favorite perfume.  even when i try others,  i always come back to this. my favorite.  maybe you even have free shipping.
8.     my favorite season.

love sent, xxoo

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