Monday, October 10, 2011

weekends are for catching...

congratulations michaela !!!!
as exciting as it was for michaela to make keene states lacrosse team.... yeah michaela!!  it meant she had to go back to school early.  but... we managed to enjoy a little bit of time together... a sushi dinner at karma, which is always a big hit.  a shopping  adventure that resulted in a skirt purchase. a teeney tiny skirt.  a couple of great hugs. a visit from katie and tay.  a really, really, happy dog.   it was fleeting,  but we squeezed in a lot.  the weather was so amazing.  we enjoyed warm sunshine.   honey crisp apples. pumpkin ice cream.  fresh flowers. a spontaneous picnic. no jackets.
life is best when it's most surprising.  so happy for you mic.

can't wait to go to your games.

love sent, xo

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