Wednesday, February 22, 2012

happiness is on the menu...

i am a lover.  i admit it -  something about me falls easily, for people, for places, for food, for things.
so i guess it's appropriate that i was born in the month of february.

because its my birthday and valentines day there is certainly plenty of  reason to celebrate.  quite frankly tho, i am always open to celebrating just about anything no matter what the month.  

this weekend revolved around late night dinner reservations, shows, wine and even later cocktails and dessert.  after all what else do you do in the city that never sleeps?
but speaking of sleep i got to rest my head on the most comfortable bed ever -  complete with egyptian sheets = learn how to tackle nyc in the most luxurious fashion.
we got to mingle with the after work crowd at extra virgin in the west village.  it's casual but elegant and i got to feel the magic. i got to feel the vibe that so inspires wanderlust and so much more.

we strolled along greenwich village and wondered who lives in these romantic brownstones that zig zag the streets. certainly no starving artisit can afford to live there now. and if you go to greenwich village try to make it to this amazing restaurant

there was shopping -

lets just say when the stores are open until 2:00 am you can do some serious shopping. whether you want a wardrobe overhaul, a few spring jackets, or a new shade of lipstick, there is no shortage here.

we got to walk in the warm late winter sunshine and feel that spring is near. the trees in central park might be
bare but you can feel that spring might just arrive momentarily.

we got to see a wedding on the steps of the new york public library and feel the romance, feel the promise.

the flower markets were spilling over with beautiful tulips and the coffee shops were busy with all the hustle and bustle that nyc offers.

perhaps one of the most intimate experiences you can share with someone other than ... is the simple act of sharing a meal. stroll 5th avenue and do not miss this incredible adventure..   you can spend hours there.  drink italian hot chocolate, order small plates, sip wine, watch them make pasta, watch them make home made mozzarella.

 figure out how you can bring all this home,  the experience and the food.   and laugh... a lot. cherish the beautiful joys in life and hold on to them always.  linger in the moment as long as possible.  this weekend was a memory to hold on to for sure.  xo

memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.
~The Wonder Years

love sent, xo

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